Marketing & Sales
Delivered by Customer Interactive & Design group

We believe that the front office (marketing and sales) is all about delivering the “wow factor” and delightful experiences. LOTS helps organizations transform their front-office functions through design-led solutions.

By delivering the wow-factor and delightful experiences we help clients get to market faster and dominate their market segments.

What we deliver to clients
  • Go-To-Market Strategy | Detailed plan of how to get your brand and products to market.
  • Customer Experience | Design customer journeys to transform the overall brand experience.
  • Branding | Bring your vision to life through unique concepts. Help define touchpoints, purpose, and essence.
  • Digital Marketing & Customer Portals | Develop digital marketing models and channels and engineer customer portals to interact with your customers effortlessly.
  • Sales & Pricing | Assist clients define their deal flow, structure and, pricing frameworks to win over customers.
team Member
Toini Kauluma | Chief Design Officer
  • Toini Kauluma is an industrial design and customer interaction expert who leads our design and engineering division. Toini helps clients build brands.

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CEO Office & Strategy
Delivered by Strategy & Consulting group

At LOTS we believe strategies are limitless, however enduring strategies are finite. We help organizations define and deliver through systematically crafted strategies that create organizational value across all levels.

By delivering curated and enduring strategies we help organization leaders (CEOs, Managing Members, and Managing Director) succeed effortlessly.

What we deliver to clients
  • CEO Delivery Services | Being a CEO of an organization is an undertaking. We help leaders succeed through support, counselling, and planning across all strategic initiatives and projects.
  • Organization Growth & Differentiation | We help leaders set the framework for growth and differentiation through innovation and business engineering.
  • Digital Blueprint | Business will move to the cloud; it is a matter of time. We help leaders design their digital blueprint for years to come.
  • Corporate Services | LOTS powers the CEO Offices with engineered corporate solutions around governance communications, regulations, financial planning and compliance.
  • Transformation & Restructuring | We help leaders transform their business through managed change and defining a clear path to the future ahead.
team Member
Abisai Ndeunjema | Managing Director.
  • Abisai is a leader himself who has been in the trenches of leading not one but two companies simultaneously. He only achieved this through strategy and execution. Abisai helps other CEOs and organizations deliver.

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Delivered by Operations & Outsourcing group

Strategy execution is realized in Operating Models. Thus, we believe business operations that are economic success or failure is made. Powered by automation, simplicity, and transformation we help clients create operations that create value across all functions.

By delivering simplified and automated operations we help General Managers and Chief Operations Officers set their business apart through efficiency and speed.

What we deliver to clients
  • Operating Model Engineering | We help clients design functional and fluid business operating models.
  • Operations Automation | LOTS helps with business automation with a clear return on investment and operational impact.
  • Business Process Re-Engineering |We assist organizations to define their As-Is and To-Be business processes through detailed documentation and process modeling.
  • Operations Transformation | Transform existing operating models to drive efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Project Delivery & Rescue | Help client projects excel through speed, stakeholder management, reporting, and prudent project management.
  • Product Development | LOTS designs new products and services and helps clients deliver them seamlessly in operations.
team Member
Pombili Nekuta | Business Process Engineer
  • Pombili is an Industrial Engineer with skills in operations engineering and design. Pombili helps clients excel in their operations through process thinking and a governance approach.

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Human Capital/People
Delivered by the Strategy & Consulting group

There is a monumental global shift in the way we work. We help organizations manage the revolution in the workforce, workplace and organizational structures.

By assisting in delivering organization design solutions, we help clients manage work structure transformation through change control and strategic people management.

What we deliver to clients
  • Workforce Modelling | We at the genesis of the New Normal and work will never be the same. We help clients model their workforce and create effective workflows across departments.
  • Culture Transformation & Change | Work culture is one of the enduring elements of any organization. If it is a great culture, the organization succeeds while if it is bad culture an organization suffers. LOTS helps transform and build your organization's culture elements based on performance, transparency, and accountability.
  • Organization Design | We help clients design their business for the future by focusing on organization health, balance, and agility.
  • Capacity Modelling | We analyze the workforce to assess areas that need workforce deployment or capacity maximization.
team Member
Abisai Ndeunjema | Managing Director
  • Abisai is a natural psychoanalyst that believes people's needs come first at all costs. Abisai helps the organization become people first and maximize their potential with the right culture.

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Digital & ICT
Delivered by the Tech & Data group
Technology is a wonder of the world that will propel humanity to great heights. We help clients harness technology and data to accelerate their business to unprecedented heights.

By engineering and delivering technology and data solutions we help clients acquire new capabilities that provide a cutting edge to execution.

What we deliver to clients
  • Custom Business Application Development | We engineer business applications unique to our client’s operations for Front and Back Offices.
  • Data Analytics | We build data dashboards that provide business intelligence in a single unified view to enable strategic data-driven decision-making.
  • Data Engineering| LOTS builds data infrastructure for large complex operations through the application of machine learning and process data mining.
  • Vendor Solution Implementation | We help clients implement vendor solutions by researching vendor capabilities, requirements gathering and fit-for-purpose analysis.
  • ERP Analysis & System Integration | We help the client evaluate the effectiveness of their ERPs and recommend improvement and integration models.
team Member
David Ananias | Senior Computing & Network Engineer

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