Capital Projects & Infrastructure
  • We help clients deliver critical projects with an independent perspective and ensure execution, cost management, stakeholder management and manage project overruns.
  • We ensure clients maintain the CAPEX spend and manage critical cash flow.
  • We infuse data and technology in capital project management. .
Banking & Financial Services
  • We partner with financial services providers to deliver world-class and efficient financial solutions.
  • We bridge access to finance gaps by educating and managing customer's financing journey from start to finish.
  • We focus on customer empathy, communication, and journey management.
Food, Beverage & Hospitality
  • We help clients increase sales volumes, increase customer traffic and brand awareness.
  • We focus on the best product design, customer experience, and brand differentiation for our food and beverage clients.
  • Simultaneously, LOTS assist with capturing elusive local growth and profitability in the food, beverage, and hospitality sector.
Developers, Property, and Private Equity
  • Property development is filled with many moving parts which require diligent cost management and patience.
  • Our team helps property developers and equity investors in delivering projects in a timely and productive manner as well as accelerate property marketing and sales.
  • By assisting equity investors to make better investment decisions throughout the investment cycle and improving the performance of their investment through asset management, marketing, and operations.
SOE, Government and Public Sector
  • We partner with state-owned enterprises, local authorities, and public entities to improve service delivery, remove constraints and costs.
  • We focus on effective governance, operations management, performance systems and increasing revenue, and profitability.
SMEs & Startups
  • LOTS partners with startups and SMEs to drive growth and survival rate in highly competitive and daunting markets.
  • We assist with business strategy, differentiation, standardization and branding, sales and marketing, and cash flow management.
  • LOTS helps SMEs to automate non-essential business functions to ensure effective cost management and core value proposition.
Metals and Mining
  • Many world economies are dependent on mining. The key to mining is production success and operational excellence.
  • We partner with mining companies to deliver the future of mining today, by infusing customized data and technology solutions and production management.
  • We aim to bring business acumen, engineering efficiency, and creative design to mining operations.
Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0 is here. We partner with manufacturers to develop lean manufacturing processes, ensure production efficiency, input, and output management.
  • We assist with production management, automation, systems implementation, and analyze production data to drive intelligent production capabilities.
Supply Chain and Logistics
  • We partner with businesses to navigate complex issues of supply chain and logistics and drive supply chain operations improvement.
  • We help logistics, distribution, and supply companies deliver on time and lowest cost possible through optimized route planning, process optimization, and delivery network engineering.


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