Strategy & Consulting

We strategize and plan to shape the very fabric and future of organizations through executable strategies. We Deliver Business Engineering as a Solution.

To deliver an organization's strategy, the strategy must be automated, executable, and measurable. This is how we approach business strategy by focusing not on design but simplicity, implementation, and performance tracking.

Why we do it?

LOTS crafts strategies because we want to create organizational value and transform organizations towards economic and social success. We believe Strategy is everything and beats the unpredictable and disruptive nature of business. By combining experience, tools, frameworks, and data insights we deliver empirical strategies that set your organization apart.

Our approach
  • Audit
  • Strategize
  • Execute
  • Transform
How we can help?
Public Strategy
  • By devising people-first strategies, we help public organizations such as local authorities, state-owned enterprises, institutions, and ministries deliver public services and maintain budget targets.
Business Strategy
  • We help businesses win markets and own the future through strategic insights, tools and, frameworks. LOTS delivers forward-thinking solutions that help CEOs, Executives and Managers deliver business transformation from a business model, people, digital and, strategic operating models.
Digital & Technology Strategy
  • Having a digital and technology strategy is not a wish-list of apps to run your organization but a necessity to compete in the market and own value chains. We help organizations define their digital operating models, application architecture, and transform their organizations through digital enablement and systems design.
Marketing, Brand and Sales Strategy
  • LOTS helps organizations of all sizes put customers or clients first through comprehensive customer brand and growth solutions. We help organizations integrate brand, marketing, sales, and growth to ensure sustainable customer retention and revenue generation. We do this through:
  • Brand and Customer Strategy | Market Positioning | Pricing Optimization | Go-To-Market Strategies | Customer Experience and Journey Transformation | Product and Portfolio Design
Financial Advisory & Corporate Finance Consulting
  • We advise clients in the areas of financial structuring (capital structure design and optimization), capital raising, and financial management. We ensure organizations maintain a healthy financial management lifecycle and make bold financial decisions that realize stakeholder value.
People and Organizational Strategy
  • From the workforce model, recruitment strategy, skills audit and gap analysis, and entire organization structure design. We help organizations in the private and public sectors to position their people strategy towards effectiveness, accountability and strive for performance and organizational health.
Operations & outsourcing

Empower your business with productivity and get things done. Reduce costs and be more efficient with LOTS Operations and Outsourcing.

To achieve economic success, a new era of fluid and intelligent business operations needs to be realized. We help organizations realize their full operations potential through efficient, digitized, and fluid operations solutions.

Why we do it?

We empower SMEs, Startups, and Enterprises to operate, automate and build superfluid business processes using our powerful Back-Office Processing Engine which combines people + automation tools.

Why Outsource and Automate?

Growing and managing a business is a worthwhile effort. But it is hard. Few Namibian businesses grow from small businesses to well- governed enterprises. Also, growth comes with increased costs, higher payroll, fewer margins and a big list of daily activities and initiatives. Business processes become more complex and ineffective. And a business executive, you are faced with executing all on your own.

How do we help?
Reduce Cost of Business
  • Assign non-core jobs to LOTS and focus on what matters most.
  • Do not hire another person, outsource, and automate.
  • LOTS Team fits in your organization processes and gives you extra power at fraction of the cost.
Increase Efficiency and Productivity
  • Our Team has one core focus, get things done.
  • We automate workflows and processes to reduce effort and increase workforce power.
  • Instead of months, we get things done in weeks without compromising quality.
Better Business Value
  • You just do not get a service but a value-adding solution.
  • We co-develop our solution to realize the return on investment short-term and long-term.
how it works

With our intelligent people and technology-powered Business Process Engine, we help you build an efficient business system, grow your revenues, buy you time, and make your business effortless.

The LOTS Team helps with the jobs no one seems to get right, and we do it objectively and professionally.

Outsourcing Process
  • Get to meet your Client Director and Processing Lead via in-person, Google Hangouts/Zoom or Email/Call.
  • Assess needs/business challenges and discuss the business case for automation and outsourcing solution.
  • Iron out fees, budgets, and terms of engagement.
  • Assign Jobs Orders to LOTS. Decide what is top-priority and non-priority.
  • Set call, video, and written instructions on the Job Order.
  • Set deadlines and delivery dates.
  • Monitor the Job-Order status daily or weekly.
  • The client Director provides feedback.
  • Ensure proactive budget management.
  • Get the results and outcomes you initially assigned.
  • Automated Job-Order Completion via email or SMS. Get 48-Hour Job-Order Guarantee.
  • Review results and fill out our work-order survey & sign-off. Get Advisory recommendations.

With LOTS Operations and Outsourcing (Business Processing Engine), you get to focus on the big and top priority things. Leave the basics, boring and mundane to us.

customer Interactive and Business Design

We believe in the ingenuity of designed experiences.

customer Interactive

Customer interactive is all about creating customer experiences and touchpoints that resonate with the true essence of brands. We help you not deliver promises but life-changing and memorable experiences for your customers and stakeholders.

How we do it?

We use process and design thinking to tackle business and customer problems and identify new opportunities for improvement.

We combine 5 core experience levers:
  • Interface Design
  • Customer Technologies
  • Customer Psychology & Marketing
  • Process Thinking
  • Friction Elimination

We use the above levers to help organizations design and manage customer interactions from every touchpoint.

Business Design & innovation services

Business design is the human-centered approach to innovation. We design new businesses, products/services, and business models that deliver innovation across markets and value chains.

We help organizations differentiate and articulate the unique value proposition, design competitive advantages and moats so that they can defend and own their markets.

how we do it?
Business Strategy
  • We define the business's core strategic areas, mainly choices, capabilities and, new opportunities.
Empathy and Need Analysis
  • We assess the customer view-point, jobs-to-be-done, and needs analysis focus pain-points across their activity.
Experimentation & Prototype
  • LOTS believes in experimentation and ideation. We help clients test out new ideas with sample customers and validate the business model.
Our Focus Areas in Business Design
Our focus areas for business design that drives innovation
  • Viability (is there a business case?)
  • Desirability (is it a want or need offering, how humane is this?)
  • Integrity (what impact does it deliver to society and the customer?)
  • Feasibility (can it be achieved with the right technology and processes?)
Outcomes for Customer Interactive and Business Design
  • Canvases
  • Business Resilience Assessment
  • Blueprint Strategy
  • CX Risk Assessment
  • Operating Model
Technology and data

You cannot separate technology and data, to create an intelligent business, we help you harmonize technology and data among the complexity of deployment.

Business Technology & Engineering

We love technology and technical challenges. We source and partner with technology vendors, engineer, and design custom applications, build technology infrastructure to solve the most critical technology challenges that drive organizations forward.

Solution Engineering as a service

We believe in the art of developing technology solutions that help an organization deliver services and products. Servicing is a means to an end, the key success factor for an organization is an engineered solution that delivers business outcomes.

We combine design, application engineering, automation and, data engineering to develop custom solutions for all functions across organizations.

how we do it?
Develop Requirements
  • Accurate solution requirements are fundamentals of successful engineered technology.
  • We develop a detailed Business Requirements Document to define the proposed solution.
  • We set up design sessions with the client to co-create and design the look and feel of the technology.
  • We focus on the minimalism, functionality, and beauty of every tech solution we build.
Build and Engineer
  • Through robust iteration and client engagement, we engineer the business technology focused on fit-for-purpose functionality.
  • Our focus under technology and data solutions is developing the right solution within a reasonable timeframe.
Deploy and Maintain
  • Upon successful client acceptance and sign-off, we deploy your technology across enterprise or business functions.
  • Focus on value added service delivery, we maintain the tech-solution focusing on continuous improvement and feature innovation.
Business Data Analytics & Process Mining

We are a company obsessed with data and the endless insights it brings. At LOTS, we do believe data is the new oil and will shape the future of economies and organizations.

We partner with clients to make sense of their data generated by their business processes.

We can help clients build powerful databases, dashboards, and data engineering models to unlock strategic outcomes.

We analyze business processes in real-time to understand how exactly your organization works. Process analysis provides opportunities for organizations to improve processes, cut cost and increase value through innovation.
How do we mine & processes data?
Vision and Strategy
  • With your guidance, we envision your outcomes and plans for the future and how to define an intelligent and data-driven culture in your organization.
Process & Data Architecture
  • We design the architecture of your data and process mining systems. We connect your business systems to our process mining solutions and data warehouses.
  • We build dashboards, processes, and machine learning models to derive insights from your data and processes.
Insights & Data Stories
  • We help clients make sense of the data at hand by interpreting the insights and documenting compelling stories and ensure the adoption of recommendations and proposed strategies.
Bonds and financial Facilitation

The process of owning a home is too complicated and we believe it can be simpler. We are at the forefront of making this process more frictionless and delightful.

We believe home and land ownership is a fundamental human right. We help all stakeholders realize this in an efficient and frictionless manner using our process engineering skills and tools.

For Homeowners
No Stress
  • From designing your dream home to getting your documents ready for bank applications, we help you manage the process stress-free.
Faster Bond Approval
  • We facilitate homeowners with the loan approval process, re-negotiate rates, and help get the best mortgage.
Visibility and Communication
  • The current loan process is ruled by ambiguity and lack of visibility, we help homeowner’s with total insights on the entire process and maintain a deep level of communication.
Professional Project & Process Management
  • After your loan is approved we manage your entire home building process from material procurement to furnishing and we ensure professional management of all stakeholders from banks to contractors.
For developers

We are your partners and processors powering your housing development projects.

Secure Project Finance
(LOU to Happy Letter)
  • With our bond processing capabilities, we help developers secure project financing through financial facilitation and client acquisition.
Improve Sales Turnaround Time
(Deed of Sale to LOU)
  • We power your sales team and real estate agents with back-office solutions to help them sell more. LOTS focuses on improving your sales turnaround time and ensures your marketing and sales acquire more deeds of sales.
Efficient Communications and Stakeholder Management
(Hi to Goodbye)
  • Keeping clients happy and informed is a business on its own. You are a developer, with a focus on delivering homes. We help you just do that. Forget the daily calls, SMS, emails, and stakeholder management, we handle all of that.
Capital Turnaround Management
(Startup Cash to Profit)
  • LOTS has your best interest at heart; thus, our focus is ensuring your cash commitment generates the desired profit margins. We do this by tracking your capital flow across each secured housing unit.
For Banks & Conveyancers

We help banks and conveyancers create a delightful bond process and
deliver exceptional customer service from application to close.

How do we help?
We help you close more bonds at lower costs.

Quality Applications
  • We ensure your Loan Officer has the right information, compliant data, and affordability checks before commencing the application process.
Increase Efficiency
  • We help reduce friction in the bond/mortgage process by improving and automating workflows without adding more resources.
Faster Loan Cycle
  • We help you reduce your loan cycle time per bond as fast as 3 weeks.